bSomebody Is Thinking About Me.

Somebody Loves Me.

Early on in her recuperation, when someone would ask her how they could help, Becca had a consistent answer. “Buy me a card, I’ll put it up on my bedroom wall, and when it falls off, I’ll know you’re thinking of me…and that you love me.”

As the cards started coming, Becca would read each one, smile, and then direct us to (using just a small piece of tape) put the card on one of her walls.

So what are you waiting for?  Either send a card to someone or ask someone to send one to you.  But it’s not meant for a drawer. Put a little tape on it and put it up on a wall. When it falls off…somebody is thinking about you…somebody loves you.

Welcome to The Becca Foundation.  You are loved by a whole lot of people.