bbOur Story

My daughter died in a hospital bed surrounded by her family who loved and adored her.  A parents’ nightmare.  Oh, Becca, what to do now?  What lessons did you teach us?

During those eleven months, you taught lessons of hope, strength and courage for everyone fighting the good fight against cancer.  During her numerous treatments she would always say, “I’m a cancer killer! I’m killing those cancer cells and I’m still a happy person; cancer can’t take that away from me.” You created a support group for teens and young adults to overcome the loneliness and insanity of cancer. You knew that group meetings are a powerful communication tool to help others. Share your feelings, share your struggles. Improve the quality of your life by sharing with others.

So how does Becca continue to help all of you who have cancer and all the family and friends who surround you?  We are reaching out to teach you how to start a support group, or to give you the motivation to find one. We have links to help you find new clinical trials, to help you find the latest immunology/immunotherapy information and to find childhood emotional, financial and educational support. If you are a young person, there are links to many amazing teen and young adult websites.

So welcome to The Becca Foundation.  We want to lift your spirits with hope, strength and courage.  Keep on fighting and communicate and connect with each other; you will conquer cancer.  Yes, welcome to our special place; it’s a place created for you by the Spirit of Rebecca “Becca” Kesselman.

Mickey Kesselman

Becca’s Dad